Dear Api Family,

It gives me great pleasure to share with you some of our excitement about the ApiExpo Africa 2018 Abuja apicultural show especially as we count down to 25th September 2018.

This 6th edition of the ApiExpo Africa being hosted by Nigeria is on the West Coast of Africa for the first time; Nigeria is one of the biggest economies and the most populous country on the continent. Assuredly there is great trading potential to be explored in this gathering of both local and international players along the beekeeping value chain. During the ApiExpo there will be oral and poster presentations on various thematic areas, exhibitions, B2B meetings, a football match, city and technical tour, a picture and video contest is on and need I say; you will be treated to the Nigerian hospitality.

The ApiExpo Africa 2018 Abuja Organizing Committee (AOC) is mobilizing Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), States Government, International Organizations, Academia, Beekeepers’ Associations and the private sector to ensure that the ApiExpo is indeed a place for pollination of ideas, building combs of contacts, sealing of deals and a harvest of orders.

Need I tell you that the place to ‘bee’ from 25th – 29th September 2018 as far as api-business is concerned is Abuja, Nigeria?

The ApiExpo Africa 2018 Abuja event is not an end in itself, therefore the Apiculture subsector will be boosted to take its place in the drive for economic diversification, wealth creation and sustainable development.  The AOC with the eye of faith looking through the lattice of honeycombs can see “… beyond the hives”. With diligence and hard work, we envisage that after the ApiExpo there will be:-

  1. increased investment in the apiculture sub-sector,
  2. ii) an explosion of beekeepers and processors,
  • iii) improved quantity and quality of hive products,
  1. iv) value additions to products and
  2. v) entrance of standardized Nigerian hive products into the local, regional and international markets.

We welcome you to Abuja the beautiful capital city of Nigeria. It is the land of unity and a meeting point of the diverse cultures of our nation. Abuja is a city of constant change, it is laid out within rocky terrains, valleys and has streams that give an ambience of both a 21st century city as well as a country-side paradise. We implore you to be a part of the grand city and technical tour we will treat you to during the ApiExpo Africa 2018 Abuja event.

Welcome, Bienvenue. Bem vinda, 欢迎

Dr Dooshima Kwange


ApiExpo Africa 2018 Abuja Organizing Committee